Thursday, September 22, 2016



Hat: Blues & Dream: Cajsa Hat {unrigged accessory}
Hair: *barberyumyum*78AHF
Skin: VCO ~ Zoey 001
Lips: VCO ~ Cherry Candy Lip
Eyelashes: VCO ~ Bambi Eyelash [ Black ] _ A
Dress: =Zenith=nature dress with scarf (Brown)
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5

Baby Girl

Hair: *barberyumyum*69HF

Dress: Muriel. Lauren Outfit - Cream
Socks: [A.S.T] Kitty Socks - Natural pack
Basket: =Zenith= Kitten Basket (Dark) 
 Body:  Toddleedoo  Body - BABY - Girl


.:Bee designs:. Fall Cottage Gacha Cottage RARE @ShinyShabby/Sept2016
.:Bee designs:. Fall Cottage Gacha Wreath @ShinyShabby/Sept2016
.:Bee designs:. Fall Cottage Gacha Porch decor RARE @ShinyShabby/Sept2016
.:Bee designs:. Fall Cottage Gacha Porch decor 1 @ShinyShabby/Sept2016
GOOSE - Cartweel light decoration @LoveToDecorate/Sept2016
GOOSE - Cartweel bench PG @LoveToDecorate/Sept2016
Ariskea[Miu] Eucalyptus Potted @LoveToDecorate/Sept2016
.:revival:. indian summer shed corn @LoveToDecorate/Sept2016
Serenity Style- And I think to myself book @LoveToDecorate/Sept2016
+Half-Deer+ Fallen Leaves - Autumn - Ground
+Half-Deer+ Fallen Leaves - Autumn - Big Group
+Half-Deer+ Bunny Ear Chair - Wood (Dark)
Jian :: Cobblestone Path - Straight
JIAN :: Duck - Posed (Preen)
Jian Hillside Orchard :: Apple Bucket (Spilled)
JIAN :: Duckling - Posed (Look R)
JIAN :: Duckling - Posed (Stand)
JIAN :: Fox - Adult 1
JIAN :: Fox - Kit 1
Pasture Wagon NorthMont CHEZ MOI
Fence & Horses NorthMont Farm CHEZ MOI
Romantic Hay Pile NorthMont CHEZ MOI

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